Tron Bull

A Game Changer

Tron Bulls are taking over Tron. This is their turf and they will fight for it. There are only 15,012 Tron Bulls, each with different looks and abilities. Get ready for BattleVerse Arena!

From funky samurai warriors to spaced out cadets, these Tron Bulls have style. But don’t be fooled by their lovable appearance, these bad boys come with abilities that will set them apart in the Tron universe.

Abilities & Traits

Each aesthetic trait will have a distribution ratio amongst all the NFTs in the set. Some traits will be much rarer than other. You all know how this works. The rarer the trait, the better. You will be able to verify the trait rarity on

The gaming traits are made up of a numerical value that ranges from 4 to 10. The higher the number, the more capable the NFT is at that ability. An NFT with an agility of 10 will be much faster in gameplay than an NFT with an ability of 4. We also included Variables to our traits for special powers and abilities that are not included within our generic traits. Example: A game can use an invisible trait that will be decided by Variable 1. For some games, this may be the deciding trait.

The Aesthetic traits

  • Body
  • Eyewear
  • Head Piece
  • Horns
  • Clothes
  • Footwear
  • Piercing
  • Background

The Gaming traits

  • Attack
  • Shield
  • Agility
  • Recovery
  • Critical Hit
  • Variable 1
  • Variable 2

Heading into the Metaverse

It’s just a matter of time before a full blown metaverse becomes a reality. Tron will be there. And so will the Tron Bulls. Of course, let’s take one thing at a time.

Join our community and become part of the journey. Our first destination is BattleVerse Arena. Get your Tron Bulls ready!

GameFi NFT Collection

Bring your Tron Bulls into the GameFi world. It’s time to gamify your NFTs and earn rewards.

Special Abilities & Powers

These Tron Bulls have special abilities that will unlock the future of NFTs. Get ready for battle!

NFTs that Earn

NFT monetization has never been easier. There are many ways to earn rewards from your gamified Tron Bull. Stay tuned.

TRON Bittorent Community NFT Alliance


Tron Bulls will be pre-minted and given to key groups within the Tron ecosystem. We firmly believe that the Tron NFT space succeeds with the help of the entire community.

Committed SRs

SRs are critical to the development and evolution of the applications running on the Tron blockchain. These SRs have shown their support of our project.

Free Mint for Early Adopters

The following NFT holders will be able to mint 1 free Tron Bull**. As one of the first NFT holders on Tron, you deserve a Tron Bull. Make sure to show it off so that Tron gets the recognition it deserves.

  • Bored Ape Tron Club
  • Mutant Ape Tron Club
  • TPunks
  • TronMeebits
** A snapshot of the wallets holding these NFTs was taken on 10/8/2021. Any bought after this date will not be able to mint a free Tron Bull.  Limit 1 free Tron Bull mint per held NFT listed above per wallet. Max of 4 free Tron Bull mints per wallet **


Will establish strategic partnerships to advance our vision. Looking forward to working closely with ApeNFT and Tron Foundation as we pave the way with creativity and authenticity.

OGs & Advisors

We want the true believers in Tron. These are the OGs that support our project.


  • 500 Tron Bulls Reserved for Justin Sun
  • 250 Tron Bulls Reserved for ApeNFT
  • 250 Tron Bulls Reserved for Tron Foundation

Committed SRs

  • Tron Spark

AirDrops to Holders

  • Bored Ape Tron Club
  • tPunks
  • TronMeeBits
  • Mutant Ape Tron Club


  • TokenGoodies
  • Score Milk
  • ApexGo

OGs & Advisors

  • Score Milk
  • ApexGo
  • Tpunks
  • Mike McCarthy
  • Tron Homie
  • Drew Wise
  • Cgj_crypto
  • Captain_BTC